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Putting the customer requirements first

Through strategic planning and a cohesive and collaborative approach, my clients have managed to get the results they sought from my consulting services. Take a look at what I’ve done in the past, and contact me today.

Your requirements for support may well differ slightly from the sample I have shown here. 

Don't worry, that is very common. 

Every client is different and I can tailor support and training to your bespoke requirements.

Just give me a call or drop me an email to get our conversation going.


In this project, I undertook a review of the industrial property portfolio of a Welsh local authority, undertaking analysis of portfolio performance around condition, void levels, service charges,tenure arrangements and statutory compliance.
The output for the client was a well structured analysis, with a range of future options from which a portfolio strategy could be developed.


This project is a great example of how I worked collaboratively with a Metropolitan Council in the north of England in developing their asset management plan from scratch.
This involved interviews and facilitated workshops with council officers and elected members to establish a new asset management policy and direction of travel for their strategy, and also an asset management action plan for them to use to direct and measure progress.


This District Unitary in the South West of England was considering how best to structure and organise its property service going forward.
I reviewed the current arrangements and through a combination of interviews, facilitated workshops and data analysis, devised a new team structure which was adopted by the Council.  This has made them more robust to future change and more efficient in service deliver to their customers.


This project is a great example of how I reviewed a local authority's current approach to the internal strategic management of its property asset base and developed recommendations and options for the creation of a corporate landlord model.successful outcomes.


This project was supporting a UK Government Department in the commissioning of asset valuations on Academy Schools across England for Whole of Government Accounts purposes.
This involved the development of the service specification, tender evaluation, appointment and contractor management.


An evaluation of the competence, capability and objectivity of one of the UK's valuation agencies as ‘management expert’ and the production of a ISA 500 report for audit purposes.
This involved obtaining an understanding of the work of the Agency as ‘management expert’, and an evaluation of the appropriateness of the work of the Agency as ‘management expert’ as audit evidence.


Acting as a critical friend to provide a critique on the strategic asset management plan of a central London Borough, giving them honest and robust advice on structure, content and flow enabling them to develop a strategy that had been subject to external validation.


For a District Council in Cambridgeshire I have delivered training for Cabinet Members and Senior Management Team, on their scrutiny and decision making role around commercial property investments. Starting at a low base of knowledge, those who received the training are now far more able to understand commercial property investment opportunities and to challenge and scrutinise business cases presented to them for consideration.


Delivery of in house on site training for a team of asset valuers at a large Scottish Local Authority.  
This included outlining the basic principles of DRC valuations, how to assess service potential for the modern equivalent asset and the quantification and allowances for obsolescence.

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