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Chris Brain

Chris likes to think that he is in charge.  


He is the one that takes the lead on product and service development and undertakes face to face consultancy and training support to clients.

Chris was voted by Mo2Vate Magazine as Inspirational Man 2021

Sue Ford

International Man.png

Sue is our Office Manager and runs the smooth operation, making sure that Chris is where he is supposed to be, when he is supposed to be. 


She also makes sure that all our bills get paid on time and that you pay us on time too, as well as playing a key role in our quality management system, which is based around the principles of ISO 9001.


Sue also thinks that she is in charge.


30 HG Alum - 20190719 - Sue & Chris Ford

Baily comes to the office every day and has quite a list of attributes that he brings to the workplace, including:

  • Team player: he makes sure that Chris and Sue take an active part in team bonding activities such as playing ball or tug-of-war.

  • Great communicator: he provides the first response to unusual noises outside or the post being delivered.  If you are on the phone with Chris or Sue you may well hear Baily making a contribution in the background.

  • Time management: he makes sure that I do not spend too long at work, and that I manage my time well enough so that he gets plenty of walks.

  • Alarm clock: he makes sure that I get to my desk nice and early, so that I am ready for your calls and emails.

  • Keen motivator: he keeps the spirits up in the office with a constant sense of fun.


Baily is the one that is actually in charge!​

Photograph courtesy of Phil Girdlestone Photography: 

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