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Chris Brain's new Book, The Property Strategy Handbook: Building a Local Authority Property Strategy in Six Easy Steps, has now been published in Kindle format.

In its first 2 days it has already reached
#1 Amazon Best Seller status in the Real Estate category, and #3 Amazon Best Seller status in the Finance category.

It has also achieved
#1 Hot New Release status in both those categories.

You can buy in Kindle format NOW for only £4.99. Simply click on the '
BUY HERE' button below. 

The aspiration is that this book will be a benchmark against which public sector organisations judge their approach to developing a corporate property strategy.  Not only that, but that it is used as a self-help book for organisations to improve and transform.


The paperback edition of The Property Strategy Handbook: Building a Local Authority Property Strategy in Six Easy Steps will be published on 5th December 2022, and is available for pre-order at £14.99 from Amazon, Waterstones and Borders.


This book does not repeat other guidance that is already available.  There would be no point in doing that. 
What this book does, is to help you improve.  It is a handbook providing a systematic framework for creating a corporate property strategy.  It is practical and understandable, written in the language of experience.

The Property Strategy Handbook is a ground-breaking practical tool for anyone in local government struggling with the process of writing a corporate property strategy.

Framed around a unique 6 Ps methodology, it is the first of its kind to offer this level of pragmatic information and will be an immense support as you create, develop and refresh your strategy.

It draws upon insights gathered over 44 years as a practitioner and consultant in local government.

What people are saying about this landmark book?

Scroll down to find out!



“Beware.  This looks like it should be book for Property Managers.  The reality is this is a book for Council Chief Executives, Finance Directors and any and every councillor anywhere near a Council’s Cabinet. 


It asks you to think.  It asks you to question.  It will amuse and terrify, often on the same page. 


It reminds all that we hold property for a purpose, and that property is about people as much as being an asset, and that we often fail to think about property in the round." 

Keith House

Leader, Eastleigh Borough Council

“It is an insightful, pragmatic and easy to follow guide, grounded with experience and punctuated with tips and case studies.

This is a must read."

Stuart Timmiss

Executive Director of Place, Economy & Environment

West Northamptonshire Council

"It is so difficult to express how good this book is. It is hard to find the words to do it justice. They struggle to convey my genuine enjoyment from reading it.

This is a map out of the asset management wilderness, in a practical pocket sized guide.

Truly empowering."

Abigail Marshall

Property Commissioning Manager

Gloucester City Council

“With the help of Jodie Foster, Sherlock Holmes and Buddha I certainly felt that I managed to reach my personal lightbulb moment…..!”

Geoff Bacon

Head of Property Services

Swansea Council

“The book provides confidence that what matters is not the plan, but the planning, with clear focus on changing the mind-set across a spectrum of differing stakeholders.

The book provides decades of thought, experience and case studies."

Paul Jones

Executive Director Finance, Assets & Regeneration

Cheltenham Council

"This book will leave you thinking about how you can challenge yourself, encouraging self reflection and critical analysis when working in asset management.

Once you've consumed it once you will want to dip in and out as an aide memoir to support your delivery plan."

Daniella Barrow

Senior Director

Norse Consulting

“Essential reading for the local government or public sector asset management professional, providing a wealth of practical advice and approaches.

A really useful and logical guide. If only it had been published earlier!”

Paul Kettrick

Head of Invest Falkirk

Falkirk Council


Chris is a highly experienced property asset manager, consultant, trainer and speaker. He has reached a stage in his forty-year distinguished career in the public sector where the most important thing for him is leaving a legacy through knowledge sharing.

He is leading advocate and influencer for strategic asset management in the public sector, with first-hand practical skills in developing asset strategies and implementing change for clients across the UK.


Over the past twenty years, Chris has worked in a consultancy capacity with some of the largest local authorities in the UK. Chris is a knowledgeable and practical management consultant, skilled in diagnosing strategic asset management problems and devising tailored solutions for his clients.


It has been calculated the combined balance sheet value of the consultancy clients Chris has worked with exceeds £60 billion. He has trained over 15,000 people and is well-known and respected across the sector for his knowledge and experience.

Through social media, Chris is well-known for drawing upon analogies and experiences outside of the public sector and outside of the property industry. He is famous for finding ways to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way and for his unique insights.


Chris is passionate about sport, enjoys playing badminton and – for his sins – is a season ticket holder at Bristol City FC. Chris is also a musician, having learned the trombone at age seven, going on to play in both the City of Bristol and County of Avon orchestras. When time allows, he is also an amateur genealogist and has been researching his family tree for a number of years. A keen nature lover, Chris describes himself as a ‘birder’ (as opposed to ‘twitcher’) and he also dabbles in photography.

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