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Most people should not buy online courses

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

An online course assumes the only thing you are missing is information. In reality, for many online courses you probably lack the peer network, accountability, resources, ongoing conversations, and fine-tuning from understanding failure that is required to achieve something new or to develop or build your knowledge or skills.

That philosophy is important to us here at Chris Brain Associates. That’s why the Asset Valuation Circle is no ordinary online course. The package that we have put together is something that we are really excited about.

Designed by experts in local authority asset valuation, the Asset Valuation Circle provides an online community for all those involved in local authority asset valuation.

The power of the Asset Valuation Circle is that it is a perfect blend of:

  • pre-recorded 24/7 accessible training

  • PLUS live ‘real time’ training

  • PLUS an online community

  • PLUS an Email Helpline.

In this new era of transparency in public sector finance, there is a greater need than ever before for more accurate and reliable asset valuations. The Asset Valuation Circle is here to help councils ensure they have the right experts in place to deliver timely and accurate asset valuations. It is here to not only support you, but to keep you accountable.

We have structured the content of the Asset Valuation Circle to suit anyone that might be involved in the process of undertaking, managing and commissioning local authority asset valuations. This includes:

  • Asset Valuers, whatever their level of knowledge.

  • Asset Valuers that are new to asset valuations, whether through internal redeployment or coming into local government for the first time.

  • Capital Accountants that oversee or commission asset valuations and have dealings with Auditors.

  • Finance Officers that are either new to local government, or new to Capital Accounting.

  • Commissioners of asset valuations, either from internal or external Valuers.

  • Team Leaders or Managers with asset valuation oversight, that want to understand more about the process you are responsible for.

  • Members of Business Support or the Database team that want to understand about the process that Valuers and Accountants have to go through.

  • Graduate Surveyors that are going through their APC.

The Asset Valuation Circle is not just an online course. Whilst it is in part a unique online training package - providing everything you need to know about local authority asset valuation – it is far more than that.

The Asset Valuation Circle is also a professional online learning community. It brings together best practice approaches to asset valuation and delivers them through an interactive online community, enabling you to build your skills and enhance your CV.

Asset valuation training and interaction with the Asset Valuation Circle will give you the edge you need, to tackle the constantly increasing regulatory compliance challenges. The exercises and homework associated with the online training materials will support you in your self-assessment and awareness.

The Asset Valuation Circle will give you the knowledge to confidently and effectively value your assets, along with the confidence to push yourself beyond any fear of being wrong. We believe that with the Asset Valuation Circle at your side, you’ll be equipped to tackle the most complex of asset valuation challenges.

The beauty of the library of pre-recorded content of course is that it is always there at your fingertips. People can watch it time and again. If anyone struggles with a particular concept they can:

Pause - Rewind - Re-watch many times as they like!

The sort of thing you cannot do so easily with live training.

We fully understand that pre-recorded training alone will not always be sufficient for people. Sometimes you just need to have some discussion and debate around valuation issues, and that is where the regular LIVE Asset Valuation Labs will come in.

Plus there is an Online Chat Room for sharing issues and challenges around asset valuation.

For those that may be reluctant to share their particular asset valuation challenge, we have an Asset Valuation Email Hotline, where you can raise specific questions of me.

We will also be issuing timely Asset Valuation Alerts.

All in all, this is an incredibly powerful bundle. You will not find anything like this anywhere else.

At launch on 1st January 2021 there was already 20 hours of pre-recorded training modules. That is roughly equivalent to 5 days of traditional training. But with the Asset Valuation Circle, you can keep watching over and over.

Our trainer never goes home!

There are an additional 10 hours of exercises and homework associated with some of the current modules. This means you already have immediate access to over 30 hours of CPD.

And over the course of 2021 we will be adding even more fresh content, and so the CPD hours available will only rise.

The Asset Valuation Circle is the most comprehensive, flexible and versatile asset valuation training package available anywhere. There is nothing else quite like it.

§ It is comprehensive, because we cover every aspect of local authority asset valuation

§ It is flexible, because you can watch the pre-recorded training over and over, and you can reach out for help in multiple ways

§ It is versatile, because you can access the content on multiple devices, including through our dedicated mobile App

CLICK HERE where you will find:

  • more information about what is included

  • some information about me as the trainer (as if you didn’t know me already!)

  • answers to the top 12 questions we think you might have

  • terms and conditions of use

  • details of pricing – we have three price bands for local authorities and local authority owned companies, depending on the number of people you would like to give access to within your subscription. These are heavily discounted against the commercial rates available to private sector firms.

I do hope that you will be as excited about the Asset Valuation Circle as we are. If you would like more information about the sort of content you can expect within the Asset Valuation Circle then simply drop us a line.

I look forward to welcoming you in the Asset Valuation Circle.

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